DionoExcurze Stroller Carrycot Blue Turquoise

DionoExcurze Stroller Carrycot, Blue Turquoise

DionoExcurze Stroller Carrycot, Blue Turquoise

Introducing the DionoExcurze Stroller Carrycot in Blue Turquoise, the perfect accessory for your baby’s comfort and safety. This innovative carrycot provides a natural position for stress-free sleep, ensuring your little one can snooze happily while on the go.

Key Features

Snooze Happy

The perfect lie flat environment provides a natural position for stress-free sleep, allowing your baby to rest comfortably while you go about your day.

Breathable Mattress

A smart breathable mattress enhances air circulation, set into a ventilated carrycot base combined with an integrated air mesh window, ensuring your baby stays cool and comfortable.

Engineered Performance

The Excurze Carrycot mattress has been designed for both comfort and long-lasting performance, providing a supportive and safe environment for your baby.

Keep Baby Snoozing

The smooth and silent release from the stroller chassis means you can keep baby snoozing as you move them from place to place. The removable hood also features 3 hood positions, allowing you to adjust according to the weather and your baby’s needs.

Compatible with Excurze Stroller

The Excurze carrycot has been designed to seamlessly coordinate with the Excurze stroller. The apron included with every Excurze stroller easily zips off to provide a protective apron for your Excurze Carrycot too, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the carrycot easy to attach to the stroller?

Yes, the carrycot is designed to easily attach to the Excurze stroller, providing a secure and stable connection.

Can the mattress be removed for cleaning?

Yes, the mattress can be easily removed for cleaning, allowing for quick and convenient maintenance.


The DionoExcurze Stroller Carrycot in Blue Turquoise is the perfect choice for parents who want to ensure their baby’s comfort and safety while on the go. With its innovative design, breathable mattress, and seamless compatibility with the Excurze stroller, this carrycot provides a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both baby and parents.

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