Valband Professional Video Microphones

Valband Professional Video Microphones


Valband Professional Video Microphones are the perfect solution for recording high-quality audio in various settings. Whether you are recording videos for YouTube, conducting interviews, participating in conferences, or even playing games, these microphones will enhance your audio experience.


– Excellent Performance: The lapel mic is made of professional-grade premium materials, ensuring superior performance compared to built-in microphones. Plus, it doesn’t require any batteries.
– Omnidirectional: These microphones can pick up sounds from all directions, making them ideal for recording videos with your family, capturing important moments, or recording audio for work purposes.
– Compatible Devices: Designed specifically for iOS devices, including iPhone 11, iPhone X/XR/XS, iPhone 8/8s, iPhone 7/7s, iPhone 6/6s, iPod touch, iPad mini, iPad Pro, and iPad Air.
– Quality Sound Recordings: With Valband Professional Video Microphones, you can effortlessly create perfect videos and audio files on your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy pristine sound quality wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do these microphones require batteries?

No, Valband Professional Video Microphones do not require any batteries. They are powered by the device they are connected to.

2. Can I use these microphones with Android devices?

No, these microphones are specifically designed for iOS devices and may not be compatible with Android devices.

3. Are wind muffs included in the package?

Yes, the package includes wind muffs to reduce wind noise during outdoor recordings.


Valband Professional Video Microphones are the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their audio recording quality. With their excellent performance, omnidirectional capabilities, and compatibility with iOS devices, these microphones will enhance your recording experience. Enjoy high-quality sound recordings and take your videos to the next level with Valband Professional Video Microphones.

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