AK Interactive 3G 18 Color Paint Set – WW2 & Modern US Colors – Personal Mixes By Adam Wilder

“Painting is an art that allows us to bring life to our models. With the AK Interactive 3G 18 Color Paint Set, curated by renowned modeler Adam Wilder, you can now create stunning WW2 and Modern US color schemes for your models. This paint set offers a wide range of colors that can be easily mixed to achieve your desired shades and effects.”

Why Choose the AK Interactive 3G 18 Color Paint Set?

1. Curated by Adam Wilder: Adam Wilder is a highly respected modeler known for his exceptional painting techniques. With his expertise, you can trust that the colors in this set have been carefully selected to meet the highest standards.

2. Versatile Range of Colors: The AK Interactive 3G 18 Color Paint Set includes a diverse range of colors, specifically chosen to cover both WW2 and Modern US color schemes. From olive drab to desert tan, this set has everything you need to accurately represent historical and contemporary military vehicles.

3. Personal Mixes: One of the unique features of this paint set is the ability to create your own custom mixes. With the provided colors, you can experiment and blend different shades to achieve unique and personalized effects on your models.

What’s Included in the Set?

The AK Interactive 3G 18 Color Paint Set includes:

  1. 18 high-quality paint bottles
  2. A mixing guide by Adam Wilder
  3. A color chart for easy reference

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use these paints on other surfaces besides models?

A: Yes, these paints are suitable for various surfaces such as plastic, resin, metal, and more. They adhere well and provide excellent coverage.

Q: Are these paints water-based or oil-based?

A: These paints are water-based, making them easy to clean up and work with. They also have low odor, making them ideal for indoor use.

Q: Can I mix these paints with other brands?

A: While it is generally recommended to stick to the same brand for consistent results, you can experiment with mixing these paints with other brands. However, it is important to test compatibility before applying them to your models.


The AK Interactive 3G 18 Color Paint Set is a must-have for modelers who want to take their painting skills to the next level. With the guidance of Adam Wilder and the versatility of the included colors, you can create stunning and realistic WW2 and Modern US color schemes for your models. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your modeling projects!

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