Alconox Detergent Cleaning Concentrate 4 lb. Container

Alconox Detergent Cleaning Concentrate is a highly effective cleaning solution designed to remove contaminants from a wide range of surfaces. With its biodegradable formula and concentrated composition, it offers a powerful cleaning action while being environmentally friendly.


The Alconox Detergent Cleaning Concentrate comes in a 4 lb. container, making it convenient to use and store. The container is designed in the shape of a milk carton, ensuring easy handling. The detergent is a white powder with no fragrance, making it suitable for sensitive individuals.

It contains surfactants and builders, which enhance its cleaning power. The pH level of the detergent is 11.5, ensuring effective removal of tough stains and contaminants. Additionally, it has a flash point of none, making it safe to use.

Recommended Usage

This detergent is ideal for cleaning a variety of hard surfaces, including glassware, metals, plastics, ceramic, porcelain, rubber, and fiberglass. It can be used for both manual and ultrasonic cleaning processes.

To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to dilute the detergent at a ratio of 1.25 oz per gallon of water. This 1 percent solution can yield up to 50 gallons of cleaning solution. The concentrated nature of the detergent ensures long-lasting use and cost-effectiveness.


  • Biodegradable formula
  • Concentrated composition
  • Effective on a wide range of surfaces
  • Safe to use with no fragrance
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this detergent safe to use on delicate surfaces?

Yes, the Alconox Detergent Cleaning Concentrate is safe to use on delicate surfaces such as glassware and porcelain. Its gentle yet effective cleaning action ensures no damage or scratching.

Can this detergent be used in ultrasonic cleaning machines?

Absolutely! This detergent is suitable for both manual and ultrasonic cleaning processes. Its concentrated formula ensures excellent performance in ultrasonic machines.

Is this detergent environmentally friendly?

Yes, the Alconox Detergent Cleaning Concentrate is biodegradable, making it safe for the environment. Its eco-friendly composition ensures minimal impact on aquatic life and ecosystems.


The Alconox Detergent Cleaning Concentrate is a highly effective and versatile cleaning solution. Its biodegradable formula, concentrated composition, and wide range of applications make it an ideal choice for various cleaning needs. Whether you need to clean glassware, metals, plastics, or ceramics, this detergent delivers exceptional results. With its long-lasting use and cost-effectiveness, it is a reliable option for both professional and personal use.

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