LEGO Ideas Typewriter 21327 Building Kit

Unplug from your digital life and recall simpler times as you build a LEGO Ideas model of an old-fashioned typewriter (21327). The design is inspired by the classic typewriter used by the LEGO Group鈥檚 founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen, and it moves and sounds just like the real thing. The brick-built center typebar rises each time a letter key is pressed and is linked to the carriage that moves across as you type. There is also a platen roller that you can feed real paper into.

Created by a LEGO fan and voted for by LEGO fans, this detailed typewriter model comes with a letter written by Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, a member of the fourth generation of the LEGO Group鈥檚 owner family 鈥?slot his letter into the typewriter to complete a delightful display piece.

Top Gift for Writers and LEGO Fans

Part of a collection of premium-quality LEGO building kits for adults, this model comes with clear instructions and makes the best gift for yourself, LEGO fans, writers, and lovers of all things retro. Spark nostalgic feelings and the curiosity of younger fans who have never seen a typewriter before with this LEGO Ideas build-and-display model (21327) that moves and sounds like the real thing.


  • Center typebar rises each time a letter key is pressed
  • Linked to a carriage that moves across as you type
  • Platen roller that you can feed real paper into

Delightful Display Piece

The typewriter model measures over 4.5 in. (11 cm) high, 10.5 in. (27 cm) wide, and 10.5 in. (26 cm) deep and is a delightful display piece to photograph and share pictures of with friends. The 2,079-piece buildable model also comes with an illustrated booklet featuring the set鈥檚 fan designer and LEGO designers, plus step-by-step instructions to guide you through this challenging build.

Unique and Collectible

This building set for adults is part of a collection of exciting LEGO Ideas models, each created by a fan designer, voted for by thousands of LEGO fans, and produced by the LEGO Group. Ever since 1958, LEGO components have met stringent industry standards to ensure that they are compatible and connect consistently for robust builds. LEGO bricks and pieces are tested in almost every way imaginable to make sure that they meet demanding global safety standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the typewriter actually type?

No, the typewriter is a model and cannot actually type. However, the center typebar rises and the carriage moves across as you press the letter keys, giving it a realistic feel.

2. Can I use real paper with the typewriter?

Yes, the typewriter comes with a platen roller that you can feed real paper into, allowing you to have a more authentic typing experience.

3. Is the typewriter suitable for children?

The typewriter is designed for adults and LEGO fans. However, it can also be enjoyed by older children with adult supervision.


The LEGO Ideas Typewriter 21327 Building Kit is a unique and nostalgic gift for writers, LEGO fans, and lovers of all things retro. With its realistic movements and sounds, it brings back the charm of old-fashioned typewriters. Whether you want to reminisce about simpler times or introduce younger generations to the wonders of typewriters, this LEGO model is sure to delight.

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