Rokform – iPhone 14 Case, Crystal Series

Show Your Colors: The latest generation of the ROKFORM Crystal Series case for the iPhone 14 is here. Building on one of our best-selling cases, you can now see more of your iPhone 14 without sacrificing protection. Extra strength MagSafe compatible magnet array provides a mind-blowingly powerful hold to all MagSafe accessories and any magnetic surface. The integrated RokLock mount allows for fast and secure mounting on bikes, motorcycles, cars, and more. The all-new iPhone 14 Crystal series case provides 360-degree military-grade drop protection, tough Crystal-clear polycarbonate to show off the color of your new iPhone, and a slim feel that easily slides in and out of your pocket.

Product Features

Magnetic Case

The Rokform Crystal Series case features an industrial-grade, multi-magnet arrangement that offers a 4-5x stronger hold on magnetic surfaces. This means your iPhone 14 will stay securely attached to any magnetic surface, giving you peace of mind.

MagSafe Compatible

Compatible with most Apple MagSafe accessories (excludes MagSafe Battery Pack), the Rokform Crystal Series case allows you to take full advantage of the MagSafe ecosystem. Enjoy wireless charging and easily attach your favorite MagSafe accessories to enhance your iPhone 14 experience.

Military-Grade Protection

The rugged design of the Crystal Series case passes military-grade drop tests and absorbs shocks and drops up to 4x better than competitors. Your iPhone 14 will be protected from accidental drops and impacts, keeping it safe and sound.

Twist Lock

The built-in RokLock Twist lock system enables you to use all our twist lock bike mounts, motorcycle mounts, and car mounts. Securely attach your iPhone 14 to any Rokform mount and enjoy hands-free convenience while on the go.

Slim & Lightweight

Despite its robust protection, the Crystal Series case remains slim and lightweight. It fits your iPhone 14 perfectly while providing 6-sided 360-degree protection. You can easily slip it into your pocket or bag without adding unnecessary bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Crystal Series case compatible with wireless charging?

Yes, the Crystal Series case is MagSafe compatible, which means it supports wireless charging. You can conveniently charge your iPhone 14 without removing the case.

Can I use the Twist lock system with other Rokform mounts?

Absolutely! The Twist lock system is compatible with all Rokform mounts, including bike mounts, motorcycle mounts, car mounts, and more. You can easily switch between different mounts depending on your needs.

Does the Crystal Series case come with a warranty?

Yes, Rokform offers a 2-year limited warranty on the Crystal Series case. If you encounter any issues with your case, our customer service team in Irvine, California, is ready to assist you.


The Rokform Crystal Series case for the iPhone 14 is the perfect combination of style and functionality. With its 360-degree military-grade drop protection, compatibility with MagSafe accessories, and built-in RokLock Twist lock system, this case offers everything you need to keep your new iPhone 14 safe and secure. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose Rokform.

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