ROLSELEY Profesional Quick and Slow Release Medical Nurse/BFR Tourniquet with Dogs Puppies Pattern

Professional high-quality medical tourniquets in interesting designs so you can match your outfit or choose one that stands out in the most stylish or ironic way – you decide! Have a specific pattern in mind that you can’t find? Get in touch – we might find or design one just for you.

CE Certified Robust Construction Multi-Colored Tourniquet

Features a solid plastic catch with a plastic buckle that allows quick release with the touch of a finger or a slow gradual release. This tourniquet will hold tension when tightened. Perfect for NHS nurses, phlebotomists, paramedics, or midwives.

Latex-Free Polyester Elastic Band

Soft on the skin but made to last. Standard length: 450mm, width: 10mm. Buckle made from ABS plastic. It’s a must-have nurses tool and accessory and is a perfect professional gift. Funky and colorful patterns will be noticed by colleagues and patients.

If you are using our tourniquet for its intended medical use and you are not 100% happy, please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

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