Vegware P013 Bagasse Plate, 9″ (Pack of 500)

“Eco and economic, Vegware’s 9 inch bagasse plates are good for hot or cold and are microwave and freezer safe. Sturdier than paper plates, they stack efficiently and are completely compostable. Made from recycled sugarcane – Made from the dry fibrous residue left once sugarcane has been pressed for juice, these plates and bowls are pressed into shape in a high-heat, high-pressure process. They are also microwave and freezer safe.”


  • Microwave and freezer safe
  • Completely compostable
  • Made from recycled sugarcane
  • Sturdier than paper plates
  • Efficient stacking


1. Are these plates suitable for hot food?

Yes, these bagasse plates are suitable for both hot and cold food.

2. Can I use these plates in the microwave?

Yes, these plates are microwave safe.

3. Are these plates freezer safe?

Yes, these plates can be safely used in the freezer.


The Vegware P013 Bagasse Plate, 9″ (Pack of 500) is an eco-friendly and economic choice for your food service needs. Made from recycled sugarcane, these plates are not only sturdy but also completely compostable. Whether you need them for hot or cold food, these microwave and freezer safe plates are a convenient and sustainable option.

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